Expression of Collectivistic Motives of Lithuanian Citizens Participation in Civil Society Organizations

  • Rigita Tijunaitiene Siauliai University
  • Bronius Neverauskas Kaunas University of Technology
  • Sigitas Balciunas Siauliai University
Keywords: motivation of participation, collectivistic motives, incentives, civil society organizations, participation concept.


The second part of the research results, obtained after generalisation of motivation of participation of Lithuanian citizens in civil society organisations in the aspect of the expression of collectivistic motives is presented in this article. The first part of the results was published by the same authors in this journal in 2009, Vol. 1(61) (Tijunaitiene, Neverauskas, Balciunas, 2009). Therefore, aiming at a more comprehensive view of motivation of participation in civil society organisations in the aspect of the expression of collectivistic motives, it is recommended to get acquainted with the first part. Furthermore, in the first publication a brief overview of methodology and Mutual Incentives Theory, which we referred to when collecting the quantitative research data, as well as general characteristic of participants in civil society organisations, which is important when presenting the results of empiric research, is presented; however, seeking not to repeat the published information, the mentioned aspects will not be publicized in this article. The results of a complete research, carried out by one of the authors of the article, Tijunaitiene, including the expression of both collectivistic and individualistic incentives, are presented in the dissertation (Tijunaitiene, 2009).

Author Biographies

Rigita Tijunaitiene, Siauliai University
Bronius Neverauskas, Kaunas University of Technology
Sigitas Balciunas, Siauliai University