Strategic Management Issues of Klaipėda Seaport Enterprises

  • Romualdas Piktys Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: strategic management, stevedoring company, macro-environment, success factors.


The article deals with the problems related to the necessity to strategically manage enterprises basing on the universal principles of strategic management. The issue becomes urgent while solving managerial problems of Klaipėda stevedoring companies. The transition from the planned to market economy, the boom of privatization and entrepreneurship, rapid integration into European economic system as well as a close dependence on Russia and other Eastern countries in the field of raw materials bring to light the problems which are vital to Klaipėda stevedoring companies and to the Lithuanian seaport as a whole. The main method of research is the study of the scientific literature and statistics dealing with Klaipėda seaport. The study has helped to investigate and systemize the issues related to Klaipėda seaport strategic management. This analysis has allowed substantiating the change of practical objectives of enterprise strategic management depending on macro-environmental change dynamics in Lithuania. The article presents a lot of statistical data taken from the author‘s study “Changes in Seaport Activity in Company Bega Under the Influence of Lithuanian Integration Into the European Union and Globalization“ (2003) and the information collected from practical activity (the author is a member of the enterprise “Bega“ board).