Survey of Improving the Management of Science and Technology Parks

  • Pranas Bernardas Milius Kaunas University of Technology
  • Aistė Miliūtė Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: science and technology parks, survey, abyssal interview, Lithuania.


Experience in science and technology progress, accelerationof social and economic development, gained oninternational basis, shows that significantly effective andpromising organizational form for development of scienceand technology progress, is science and technology parks.Science and technology parks are one of organizationalforms intended for development of innovations, scientificresearch, studies for coordination of technologies’development and implementation work, to initiate newbusinesses: apart from science and technology parks,among organizational forms of such purpose, businessincubators, centres of innovations, industrial parks, andother may be noted, however science and technology parksespecially as organizational forms features by significanteffectiveness and prospects of development.Necessity of science and technology parks as well astheir networks is determined by new challenges and problemsarising in the circumstances of globalisation, expansionof the European Union, development of knowledgeand informational society. Thus it is very urgent to studyand evaluate an effect of establishment and expansion ofscience and technology parks, their networks, and analogousorganizations to economy growth considering internationalexperience.