The Research of Work Search Method Choice Applying the Cluster Analysis

  • Daiva Beržinskienė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Stasys Stoškus Šiaulių universitetas
Keywords: labour market, long-term unemployment, methods of work search, cluster analysis.


The article deals with the causes of method choice looking for work, which are determined by the unemployed behaviour in the labour market. Though a big attention is paid to the unemployed behaviour in the scientific literature, conclusion validity is missed. Applying cluster analysis, we can show relative links among analysing rates. The unused employment opportunities are attributed to the phenomenon of long-term unemployment, the reasons being mainly of a social nature. Based on the results of the analysis carried out in the work, it was defined that the tendency of uneven development of regions is growing, which makes presumptions to look for the reasons and to get rid of them, submitting suggestions to the state policies of regional development, in order to decrease the disproportions in all economic and social activities, and seeking a rational employment of the population. To reach the aim, an empiric analysis of the reasons of unemployment and the motivation of the unemployed are used. The motivation of the analysis in the paper was defined by the research of the country’s employment and unemployment, as well as the analysis of the EU experience. The analysis of the EU countries’ employment and unemployment demonstrated that the problem of the unemployment is also urgent in the Western countries. Having evaluated the fact that the EU countries have a longterm experience fighting unemployment, it is possible to state that long-term unemployment, as a reserve of unused opportunities, is a constant satellite of the developed countries. According to the data of Lithuanian Labour Market, in the period between 2003 and 2004 the number of the long-term unemployed grew up from 48 to 51.2 %. The tendencies of long-term growth of the country’s unemployment, finding expression in the uneven index growth in the regions, preconditioned the aim of the research: • to clarify the reasons of unsuccessful search of employment; • to evaluate the work motivation of the unemployed. • to base the presumptions of work search method choice applying the cluster analysis.