Problematic Issues of Competitiveness in Latvia

  • Yuri Kochetkov Riga Technical University
Keywords: macro economic competitiveness, technotronic labour force, public services, civil society.


The article deals with problematic issues of competitiveness in Latvia in the context of Latvia having joined the European Union and other international organisations (WTO, OECD and others). Along with the positive aspects Latvia is facing more severe conditions of competition in all spheres after joining these organisations, as during the recent years competition has been intensifying both in Europe and throughout the world. The results of investigations into competitiveness of countries are used for considering the prospects of economic development of the countries and for their comparison. To a certain extent strategic conditions of a country within the system of international division of labour are determined by the level of its macro economic competitiveness. To estimate the level of competitiveness of Latvia the model of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was applied. According to the results of these calculations macro economic competitiveness in Latvia is sufficiently high. However, according to the data of a number of competent international organisations it has been found that concerning a number of indices Latvia lags behind not only the advanced European countries, but also behind its neighbouring countries – Lithuania and Estonia. As a result its real competitiveness is much lower than that of Lithuania and much worse than of Estonia. Latvia should do much especially in the field of public development of the country, which will promote its competitiveness.