Administration and Management of Research at Kaunas University of Technology

Vytautas Ostaševičius


Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest technical university in both Lithuania and the Baltic States. It contains 11 faculties, Panevezys branch with 2 faculties, library, high school (gymnasium), 14 research institutes and centres, 5 faculty institutes and 22 centres. Over 20 000 students are enrolled in studies including 500 Doctoral (Ph.D.) students; the academic staff exceeds 1000. The main study fields are as follows: technological, physical and social sciences, humanities, biomedicine. The University offers 36 Bachelor’s, 59 Master’s and 8 Master Engineer’s degree study programs. Lectures at the University are given in five different languages – Lithuanian, English, French, German and Russian. Students are enabled to frame their individual study plans that would meet their wishes, potential and future plans the best way. Scientific research and research-based studies are the basis of the University’s activity, therefore all members of University research-academic staff allot no less than one third of their working time for research. The University also employs more than one hundred of research staff whose main area of activity is research work. Participation in research projects is especially important for Master’s and Doctoral students, as it is a productive form of learning, allowing to gain practical experience and take part in the creative scientific process. Those scientists who have done research as students, even if they do not become researchers, are exposed to the newest technological advances, develop skills and a scientific approach. In turn, this enables science to renew itself and retain its vitality. Research and technological development is funded by various sources: the State budget, the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation, State and branch programmes, local and foreign economy subjects, and international programmes. Research and technological development funding is shown in thousands LTL in Figure 1.

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