Business Information Quality and its Assessment

Juozas Ruževičius, Aistė Gedminaitė


Topical problems of modern business are: how to cull right information from its abundance, how to decide which information is valuable and which one is useless, finally, how to assess the quality of the usable informa-tion. These problems are relevant and important both globally and locally in Lithuanian business. This paper highlights information quality (IQ) management and assessment peculiarities, reveals the importance of IQ in the modern business. The authors present IQ dimensions that are essen-tial to Lithuanian and foreign business information con-sumers because effective IQ assessment and manage-ment depend upon right evaluation of these IQ dimen-sions. The authors of this paper also evaluated informa-tion maturity levels of Lithuanian business organiza-tions and revealed their attitudes towards the informa-tion. This information maturity was assessed according to IBM Corporation proposed Information Maturity Model. In reference to the accomplished research, authors of this paper identify the crucial problems that influence business IQ and also highlight these root problems: absence of proper technologies, poor information tech-nologies (IT), inappropriate software, difficulties to discover reasons for IQ errors, insufficient information security, lack of time to ensure IQ, lack of reliable in-formation sources, poor knowledge of business informa-tion consumer (employee). The findings revealed that the main business IQ assurance problem is influenced simply by the lack of time. To draw a conclusion, to ensure IQ, information must be presented and produced in accordance with clearly defined IQ dimensions, just like other products (services and goods) are supplied and evaluated ac-cording to specific quality characteristics. Conse-quently, the identification of IQ dimensions that are the most important to information consumers, and the esti-mation of IQ measurement criteria and its methodology are the basis for the better information product’s qual-ity assessment. To assure quality information in the organizations the authors of this paper propose: to adapt IQ Man-agement Model that might service like one of the tools for solving IQ assurance problems, to define and choose right business IQ dimensions, and change organiza-tional attitude towards the value of information.

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839