Ten Years In The System of Entrepreneurship Stimulation

  • Pranas Bernardas Milius Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: science and technology parks, business incubators, entrepreneurship stimulation.


Business incubator, established in Kaunas ten yearsago, differed from other analogous structures in Lithuaniain the way that it was oriented towards high technologiesand innovations. Priorities were given to those companiesthat try to implement scientific novelties (innovations) inmanufacture, maintain close relationships with KaunasTechnological University and other scientific institutionsin Lithuania.After a successful eight-year work period, this businessincubator became KTU regional Science Park. Activity ofthis incubator concentrates on the development of scientistsand businessmen’s competences related to technologicaltransfer, intellectual property, commercialization orscientific results, innovational activity in networks andentrepreneurship development. Favorable conditions in thebusiness environment enable start-up companies to usetheir manufacturing and human resources more effectivelyand continuously develop knowledge-based business.Training and consultation sessions organized by the Parkand available relationships (contacts) with partners fromother EU member countries help companies to search fornew possibilities for cooperation with partners fromLithuania and foreign countries.