Changes of Employment through the Segmentation of Labour Market in the Baltic States

  • Bronislovas Martinkus Kaunas University of Technology
  • Stasys Stoskus Siauliai University
  • Daiva Berzinskiene Siauliai University
Keywords: labour market, employment, segmentation of labour market.


Analysing the situation in the labour market and solving the employment and growing unemployment problems the estimation of the labour market often appears as a problem itself. Labour market is characterized by a complex morphological structure, where the components of different markets interlace with each other. The functioning of labour market is determined by the interaction of different market segments and sectors, which differ in different regions as well as in demographical, social, professional, qualification and other features. It is pointed out that labour market influenced by economic, social and political forces is resolved into separate segments (parts of labour market), which differently operate and react to the changes of environment. Estimating labour market through the regional aspect it can be resolved into particular territorial units, with their regional similarities and differences. The objects of segmentation can become employers as well as the unemployed groups. The segments of labour market can be formed according to the performance sector, work specialization, qualifying skills, etc.

Author Biographies

Bronislovas Martinkus, Kaunas University of Technology
Stasys Stoskus, Siauliai University
Daiva Berzinskiene, Siauliai University