Cooperation in Environmental Governance – a New Tool for Environment Protection Progress

Skaidrė Žičkienė


The idea of harmonizing economic growth with the laws of society development and the environment is ex-pressed in the concept of sustainable development. The environmental approach of sustainable development gives most attention to stability of natural systems, links between economic activity and environment health. The present governments and international organizations facing the risk of environmental destruction, have real-ized that environment protection issues are among the main problems to be solved in the 21st century. In the field of economics, these environmental problems have also been recognized as major economic problems. A number of studies have analyzed environment protection instrumentality and possible effects of environmental regulation on economic and social welfare. Both direct regulation and market-based instruments ignoring their defects have positive impacts on environment state. How-ever, the need to achieve environmentally friendly eco-nomic performance requires broadening the range of environment management instruments.


direct regulation; market based instruments, enforcement, self policing, cooperation, vo-luntary environmental agreements, voluntary environmental initiatives.

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839