Networking and Virtuality in Entrepreneurial Organisations in the Age of Countries without Borders

Jurga Duobiene, Kestutis Duoba, Vilmante Kumpikaite-Valiuniene, Ineta Zickute


Entrepreneurial organisations continuously search for innovations and innovative ways of doing business that provide a competitive advantage in the market. In the age of countries without borders and free movement of people organisations in Eastern Europe deal with the lack of high quality labour force caused by migration that force to seek alternative ways of managing work and workplace. The paper analyses networking, virtual workplace and other characteristics of job design in entrepreneurial organisations.

Results of the research in Lithuanian organisations show positive correlations between corporate entrepreneurship, networking at the workplace, and virtual workplace. Moreover, more and less entrepreneurial organisations differ in job complexity. No significant correlation between corporate entrepreneurship and two other characteristics of job design, i.e. multitasking and job autonomy, was found, hoewever, they have relationshis with virtual workplace as well as networking or job complexity.

Current results suggest further researches on job design in the field of entrepreneurship and call organisations to use virtual workplace and networking design at the workplace.



entrepreneurial organisations; networking; virtual workplace; job autonomy; job complexity; multitasking; Lithuania

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839