Building Employer Image Thanks to Talent Programmes in Czech Organisations

Lucie Vnoučková, Hana Urbancová, Helena Smolová


With regard to the fact that human resources have become the greatest competitive advantage of organisations, Czech organisations make efforts to create and continuously vary the talent programmes which they offer to their employees. When joining such programmes, employees can deepen their existing knowledge, acquire new knowledge and develop their abilities and skills. The goal of the article is to identify the approaches of using talent programmes in the Czech Republic, which lead to building of the employer image. The sub-goal is to test defined hypotheses in order to formulate recommendations of applicable approaches to work with talents. The results were achieved by means of a quantitative research (n=134) carried out among employees of organisations who take part in a talent programme. For the purposes of testing, the Pearson’s chi-square test and the association test were employed. The results show that there exists a difference in the talent programme placement between managers and employees (p=0.027). The other characteristics are not significant for the selection of a talent programme. Additionally, multidimensional statistics were used to find two types of organisations related to the use of talent programmes to build employer’s image. First type are the organisations focused on HR marketing, and the second typye - lacking transparency in employer branding. The outputs alow us to define crucial components of succesfull employer branding. The paper contains an in-depth discussion of the concept of building employer image as well as identifies the main determinants connected with it. Moreover, the paper presents new research findings by defining and validating the main attributes of the employer image. The limits of the article can be deemed to consist in a relatively small sample of respondents; however, with respect to the exclusive approach to the talent management in the Czech Republic, the sample can be described as sufficient.



Talent management, creativity, employee, talent program, human resources, development

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839