Systematic Approach to A New Service Ideas Conceptualisation: Quantitative Decision Making

Rolandas Drejeris, Egle Drejeriene


Contradictory opinions of researches on some steps of new service development cause many uncertainties and questions during applying processes in practice. Such ambiguities are particularly typical for process of conception formation, its evaluation and designing service system. The following circumstances encouraged starting up more detailed study of the problem. The aim of the paper is to create and provide a substantiated model of new service concept(s) formation and service system (new service technology) designing with focusing into process of concepts assessment, for which quantitative methods are recommended due to their higher objectivity. Because of the lack date about service concept formation, the reference of the other kind of product creation was also investigated. Scientific information on issues of concept formation was analysed (systematized, structured and synthesized according sparse of the various authors’ works) after assessment by approach of logic and integrity, availability and practical appropriateness for service business and according research results the process model is formed. The model is flexible construction. It consists of the following main components: determining purposefulness of new service development, concepts designing, concepts assessment according two different sets of criteria, decision making concerning designing a new service technology (service system development). Using of suggested model will show real ways for new service concepts forming. Flexible construction of the model allows reducing assessment expenditure and reducing the time needed for evaluating as well as implementing a new service.



new service, concept, process model, actions, designing

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839