Corporate Governance Decisions in Accounting Business Field for Increasing Competitiveness. Romania, France and Europe Comparison

Sorin Romulus Berinde


Creating value for shareholders in terms of equity value growth significantly depends on the corporate governance’s ability to make optimal decisions for the company’s competitiveness. The article conducts a comparative study between Romania, France and the average recorded in the European Union regarding competitiveness in companies from the accounting business field for the period 2008–2013. Competitiveness is measured as average for the domestic-owned companies and separately for the foreign-owned companies. Competitiveness assessment is based on assets related elements, processes and performance. The data are collected through the European Statistical System and processed by means of competitiveness analysis methods used in the literature. The findings show that the competitiveness of Romanian and French companies from the accounting business field is above the European Union average. The hypothesis according to which the foreign-owned companies are more competitive than domestic-owned companies is partially confirmed.



Accounting; Competitiveness; Corporate governance; Financial indicators; Financial Analysis

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839