How the Level of Economic Growth and the Constituent Elements of Innovation Attract International Talent?

Maria Jose Miranda-Martel, Antonio Mihi-Ramirez, Jesus Arteaga-Ortiz


The international flow of highly skilled workers has a large effect on any country. Simultaneously innovation and its´ constituent elements allow increasing growth in a sustainable way. This paper analyses whether innovation and economic growth levels are related with the attraction of highly skilled immigrants. In order to do that a cluster analysis of 182 countries which are net exporters of highly skilled immigrants and 25 receiving countries, members of the OECD. It includes a detailed discussion of results by world regions including examples of specific programmes and policies for each variable of the study. Overall, our results confirm that the attraction of international talent is related with the constituent elements of innovation and with the level of economic growth. In this regard, countries like the USA, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom are among the main destinations of highly skilled immigrants of any region of origin due to the implementation of policies that favour the development of innovation. However, access restrictions for highly skilled workers would limit the effects of those policies. Therefore, in the design of strategies for attracting talent, the qualification of such workers should have precedence over the country of origin of the person, encouraging more the innovation activities of highly skilled immigrants.



high skilled migration, innovation, patents, GERD, scientific journals, tertiary enrolment ratio economics growth.

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839