Communicating CSR in High Profile Industries: Case Study of Czech Chemical Industry

Libena Tetrevova


The paper deals with the issue of web communication of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities by companies of high profile industries, specifically by the chemical industry enterprises operating in the Czech Republic. Based on the content analysis of the websites of companies in the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, employing 60 percent of workers and generating more than 70 percent of the production of this industry, it analyzes and evaluates the level of CSR communication of these companies in economic, social, environmental, ethical and philanthropic areas. The study shows that the level of communication of CSR activities of chemical companies in the Czech Republic is low and corresponds to the low level of CSR communication in this country. Chemical industry companies mostly communicate activities falling within the sphere of economic and environmental responsibility, completely neglecting activities of ethical responsibility. In all areas of CSR, large corporations communicate a larger range of activities than small and medium enterprises, with no significant difference in communication between national and foreign companies. Thus, it is necessary to adopt the set of measures proposed in the paper, both at the governmental level and at the level of individual enterprises.



corporate social responsibility; CSR communication; high profile industries; chemical industry; chemical companies; size of enterprises; ownership of enterprises; environmental responsibility

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839