Drivers of Attitudinal and Behavioural Loyalty in B-2-B Markets

Vytautas Dikcius, Sigita Kirse, Ramunas Casas, Ana Koncanina


There is no doubt that loyalty is one of the most frequently explored topics, however, the loyalty in the business-to-business market is explored quite rarely. This is also true about the research of the loyalty forming constructs: it is unclear if the constructs, which form loyalty in B-2-C market - perceived quality, switching costs, commitment, trust and satisfaction - have an impact on loyalty in the B-2-B market, too. The aim of the paper was to evaluate an impact of perceived quality, switching costs, commitment, trust and satisfaction on two types of loyalty – behavioural and attitudinal - in the case of B-2-B market. The survey of B-2-B service companies, performed in a small transition economy, has showed that the selected factors were significant for the measurement of loyalty. The high level of determination coefficient proved that the models included the most important factors. However, some factors had a direct impact, while other factors influenced loyalty indirectly. Trust and switching costs had a direct impact on behavioural loyalty. At the same time, satisfaction and commitment had a direct impact attitudinal loyalty and influenced behavioural loyalty through it. Finally, quality and commitment had a direct impact on the perception of satisfaction, and the satisfaction had an influence on loyalty.



switching costs; commitment; trust; satisfaction; behavioural loyalty; attitudinal loyalty; B-2-B market

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839