Determinants of Subjective Wellbeing in Lithuania

  • Mindaugas Degutis Vilnius University
  • Sigitas Urbonavicius Vilnius University
Keywords: Subjective well-being, determinants of SWB, life satisfaction, happiness studies, Lithuania


The article analyses relation between subjective well – being (SWB) expressed as general satisfaction with life and its possible micro level determinants. Many studies have been published that relate macro level determinants (such as GDP or unemployment level) with aggregated national level of SWB. There is a vast amount of economic literature which analyses few or even single demographic, socio-economic, social and attitudinal/cultural variables that influence life satisfaction at an individual level. But it is a rare case that study is done on a rich data set that includes all the aforementioned variables in a single analysis and is nationally representative. Moreover, there is no thorough analysis of micro level determinants of life satisfaction in Lithuania. The present study analyses Lithuanian data of Eurobarometer study on social capital that includes many variables that are considered by theoretical literature as likely determinants of SWB. Micro level analysis shows that most important determinants of general life satisfaction in Lithuania are satisfaction with health and financial situation. Employment status, educational level, marital status, community involvement, presence of children also tend to be significantly related to subjective well-being. The study also revealed that age in contrary to many previous studies should not be considered as an important determinant of SWB as its effect is explained by differences of health and financial satisfaction levels. Nevertheless, further studies are needed to reveal the nature of relations and interdependency of different variables and SWB more deeply. Further analysis of rich data sets that include many countries would also allow to better understand the influence of such variables as country development level or culture.