Knowledge-Based Organization in Tourism Industry

Rodrigo Martin-Rojas, Víctor Jesus Garcia-Morales, Antonio Mihi-Ramirez


The importance of technology has been growing along decades mainly in the period of time where information is essential so that firms may globalize.

In that way, this research indicates that combination of adoption of new technologies with introduction of low cost transport leads to bookings higher than might otherwise be the case. This study further examines this relationship in the case of the Spanish accommodation industry with reference to indicators of organizational performance.

There is used a sample of 327 respondents who answered the questionnaire sent to hotels in tourist destinations in Spain. Using a structural equation modeling, the findings show mainly that organizational learning best enables hotels to gain from the advent of low cost airlines and the use of information and communication technologies in the company, mainly through the Internet.

Finally, conclusions are of vital importance in tourism management because they can contribute to several tourism´ practical implications for managers in hotels, and for better design and development of the future research on tourism.



Organizational learning; Internet; low-cost airlines; organizational performance

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839