Dimensions of Intercompany Cooperation in the Construction Industry and their Relations to Performance of SMEs

  • Anna Michna Silesian University of Technology, Poland
  • Roman Kmieciak Silesian University of Technology, Poland
  • Agnieszka Czerwińska-Lubszczyk University of Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Keywords: Cooperation, Firm Performance, Construction Industry, SMEs, Poland.


Cooperation between companies is widely believed to have positive impact on their performance. However, there is insufficient empirical research on relationships between these constructs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction industry. Moreover, cooperation is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, and it is interesting how different dimensions of cooperation may influence the company’s performance. To bridge the research gap, the following study is performed, which: (1) identifies dimensions of intercompany cooperation, and (2) examines the relationships between dimensions of cooperation and the performance of SMEs. Eight dimensions of cooperation were identified, based on 125 observations obtained from Polish construction SMEs. It appears that a company’s openness to cooperation is dependent on the company’s maturity and the competition between partners. Surprisingly, no significant connection was observed between the cooperation, financial performance and the change in the number of employees. It is considered that the cooperation in the construction industry, although not related to financial performance in a significant or direct way, is common and may be essential for the survival of SMEs.