Features of Managing Innovation Activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Gulnar Aubakirova Karaganda State technical University
Keywords: Kazakhstan, state regulation, innovation, innovation activity, enterprise


In the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan there still continues orientation towards raw materials and dependence on the world raw materials markets conjuncture. The key causes of the low level of the economy competitiveness are related to the decoupling between science and production, insufficient financing of innovation projects, absence of the efficient mechanisms of bringing scientific-technical production to the level of goods, high capital consumption.

Renunciation of the raw materials model requires modernization and simultaneous transition to the innovation economy, as Kazakhstan relates its constant stable growth, first of all, to the transition to the innovation way of development. Today Kazakhstan is actively forming a new economy which is being built on the present day knowledge and competitive innovations. Besides, the purpose of institutional transformations is the establishing of the market innovative-active subjects. However, till nowadays the program of reduction of home economy dependence of on raw materials does not give the expected results and until this key problem is left unsolved, it will effect negatively economy’s development, especially in case of the sharp worsening of the environment. Unconditionally, there are other domestic problems that will prevent from supporting a stable growth.

Kazakhstan’s transition to the innovation type of development can be conditionally divided into two stages. The beginning of the first stage is connected with adoption of the Strategy of industrial-innovation development in 2003, formation of the institutional base and the key moments of the national innovation system. In 2010, having adopted the State program of forced industrial-innovation development of the country for 2010–2014 there began the stage of accelerated building of the innovation economy, strengthening of legislative and financial stimulation of the innovation activity.

At present the efforts of the state innovation policy are aimed to, firstly, the development of innovation clusters and innovation environment, secondly, the increase of the innovation infrastructure efficiency, thirdly, the development of principally new system of scientific-technological developments’ commercialization.

Up to 2015 the main priority trends of the state policy on the country’s forced industrialization will become realization of innovation-investment projects in traditional export-oriented sectors of economy. The main accent will be made on development of new instruments of the state-private partnership in the sphere of innovations development, as well as target technological programs for co-funding prospective research.

Within the frames of the article there is shown the state role in development and support of the innovation sphere, the accent is made on the state regulation of Kazakhstan’s industrial enterprises innovation activity.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.ee.25.2.3507

Author Biography

Gulnar Aubakirova, Karaganda State technical University
Professor of the chair “Production organization” , Doctor of economical science