Challenges of managing an ageing workforce

  • Ruta Ciutiene Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Rasa Railaite
Keywords: ageing, human resource management, age management, age diversity, older workers.


The growing number of elderly people in Europe and other countries promotes to think about age management aspects and practices. Changing demographics and increasing average age of employees highlights such organizational threats as unique knowledge loss, lack of qualified personnel, and so on. So the purpose of this study is to examine age management practices and challenges at the organization level. This article presents empirical study which was implemented at the institution of high education in Lithuania and was based on theoretical analysis of managing the ageing workforce. Authors used scientific literature analysis, questionnaire survey and data structuring, evaluation methods. Accomplished theoretical research highlights that key age management areas are: job recruitment and exit, learning and knowledge management, changing attitudes, flexible working practices, health management, workplace environment and ergonomics. So the empirical research has focused namely on these areas. Results of the empirical research shows, that organization values older workers, their knowledge’s and competencies. Department of university encourages employee diversity; however health management and flexible working practices is one of the weakest places in the particular organization. In the contexts of workforce ageing organization should pay more attention to problematic areas and age management practices.