The Problems of Quantitative Evaluation of Socio-Economic Systems’ Development: Review

  • Oleg Kaplinski Poznan University of Technology
  • Friedel Peldschus Leipzig University of Applied Science
Keywords: socio-economic systems, MCDM, cooperation of enterprises, market concentration, diversification of enterprise activities, organization theory


The economic development of socio-economic systems (SES) largely depends on our understanding of their nature and formation mechanisms. Quantitative evaluation of the state of the systems is also an important problem because the effective management ensuring their effective performance strongly depends on it.

Quantitative evaluation of socio-economic systems may be performed by using multicriteria evaluation methods. These methods allow us to generate an integrated criterion reflecting various SES aspects observed in the reality.

Given the methods of quantitative SES evaluation, we can solve such important problems associated with the economic development of a country as the determination of enterprise development strategy, the formation of flexible enterprise organizational structures, etc.