Regional Strategic Groups as a Tool of Enterprises Localization Analysis on Automotive Industry in the European Union

Hanna Godlewska-Majkowska, Agnieszka Komor


Due to ongoing processes of globalization and internationalization, the enterprises localization selection is multi-aspect and multi-stage process. Therefore, there is a need for new solutions application, or at least modification of localization management methods.

This paper presents an attempt of an application of modified McKinsey matrix for spatial analysis using an original concept of regional strategic groups. Regional strategic groups are the clusters of regions similar as regards sector attractiveness, as well as competitive position or potential. The aim of this elaboration is presentation of an application possibilities and limitations of regional strategic groups in strategic options management on the example of automotive industry enterprises operating in the regions of the European Union NUTS 2 level. The elaboration constitutes the proposal of an application of investment attractiveness of the regions valuation for an analysis of strategic options in global enterprise management.

It was demonstrated during the research that an analysis of regional strategic groups may be applied in strategic management both from the position of the regions as well as the enterprises localized on their area. Application limitations of the method discussed include inter alia difficulty in reflecting of real inter-regional relations on NUTS 2 level and presentation of statistical data according to enterprises head offices not their actual deployment.






regional strategic groups; enterprises localization; competitive strategies

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Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839