Vol 25, No 5 (2014)

Table of Contents


Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle and International Capital Mobility in High Income Countries: A Pool Mean Group Approach PDF
Ibrahim Bakari Hassan, Mohamed Azali, Chin Lee 480-486
Effective Tax Rates in Corporate Taxation: a Quantile Regression for the EU PDF
Francisco J. Delgado, Elena Fernandez-Rodriguez, Antonio Martinez-Arias 487-496
Money Demand in the Eurozone: Do Monetary Aggregates Matter? PDF
Pasquale Foresti, Oreste Napolitano 497-503
Socio-economic Development in the EU Member States – Concept and Classification PDF
Malgorzata Aneta Stec, Paulina Bogusława Filip, Mariola Jolanta Grzebyk, Agata Pierscieniak 504-512
The Factors and Other Characteristics Influencing Competitiveness of Enterprises in Countries in the Post-Transition Phase of the Economy PDF
Lenka Komarkova, Petr Pirozek, Pavel Pudil 513-521
Absolute and Relative Evaluation of Socio-Economic Objects Based on Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methods PDF
Askoldas Podviezko, Valentinas Podvezko 522-529
Universally Sustainable Development Strategy for a Small Country: A Systemic Decision PDF
Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas, Viktorija Stasytyte, Edvard Michnevic 530-537
Finding a New Way to Increase Project Management Efficiency in Terms of Time Reduction PDF
Seweryn Spalek 538-548
Efficiency and Returns to Scale in the Bangladesh Banking Sector: Empirical Evidence from the Slack-Based DEA Method PDF
Fadzlan Sufian, Fakarudin Kamarudin 549-557
Risk/Reward Compensation Model for Integrated Project Delivery PDF
Lianying Zhang, Fei Li 558-567


Customer Engagement into Value Creation: Determining Factors and Relations with Loyalty PDF
Jūratė Banytė, Asta Tarutė, Inga Taujanskytė 568-577
Social Responsibility Discourse in Empirical and Theoretical Lithuanian Scientific Studies PDF
Jolita Vveinhardt, Regina Andriukaitienė 578-588


Information about article authors PDF
Requirements for the preparation of an article PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839