Vol 28, No 5 (2017)

Table of Contents


Time-varying Co-Movement And Volatility Transmission Between The Oil Price And Stock Markets In The Baltics And Four European Countries PDF
Murad Bein 482 - 493
Coopetition Disadvantages: The Case of the High Tech Companies PDF
Joanna Cygler, Włodzimierz Sroka 494 - 504
Effect of procurement policy on aid inflows in the Pacific: accounting for economic growth and financial development in Fiji PDF
Ronald Ravinesh Kumar, Arvind Patel, Madhukar Singh 505 - 513
An Assessment of the Option to Reduce the Investment in a Project by the Binomial Pricing Model PDF
Salvador Cruz Rambaud, Ana María Sánchez Pérez 514 - 523
Long-term Determinants Long-term Determinants of the Size of the Non-profit Sector Serving Households in the Visegrad Countries PDF
Jindřich Špička, Markéta Arltová, Petr Boukal, Luboš Smrčka 524 - 534
The Value of Innovation in Nanotechnology PDF
Jan Vlachý 535 - 541
An Empirical Study on the Economic Effect of Financial Cooperation among Countries of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” PDF
Xiaosong Zheng, Lijun Jia 542 - 551


Financial Constraints on Innovative SMEs: Empirical Evidence from the Visegrad Countries PDF
Jaroslav Belas, Ashiqur Rahman, M. Twyeafur Rahman, Jaroslav Schonfeld 552 - 563
State financing impact on autonomy of HEIs and its link with economic activities of universities PDF
Aurelija Pūraitė, Birutė Pranevičienė, Violeta Vasiliauskienė 564 - 574


Appliance of Public Senior Executives Competences for Municipality Activity Efficiency Development PDF
Martina Blaškova, Ruta Adamoniene, Ruta Petrauskiene 575 - 584
The Rise of the Platforms: Business Model Innovation Perspectives PDF
Rimantas Gatautis 585 - 591


Information about Article Authors PDF
  592 - 593
Requirements for the preparation of an article PDF
  594 - 595

Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839