The Employees’ Competence Development inside Organization: Managerial Solutions


  • Ligita Vasiliauskienė AB Nord /LB Lietuva
  • Brigita Stanikūnienė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Diana Lipinskienė Kaunas University of Technology


employees’ competence development, transferable skills, non-formal training, informal learning, experiential learning.


This article deals with the issues of employees competencedevelopment inside the organization that shouldnot be treated as a simple course of educational events,but strategically considered and lifelong process basedon self-analysis, planning, monitoring and reflectingone’s own and others’ experience both in an individualway and in collaboration. The analysis of research literatureindicated some lack of management solutionsthat help to integrate both non-formal and self-directed(informal) methods of competence development.The first part of the article highlights the requirementsthe contemporary world of activity sets for employeeswith a special emphasis on transferable skillsand personal traits. Alongside, the two possible ways ofdeveloping employees transferable skills inside organizationare discussed. The first one is related to nonformalsystematically organized training in organizations.The second one is informal, self-directed developmentof competence that is based on the theory of experientiallearning and emphasizes employee‘s reflectionskills.The second part of the article is devoted to the discussionon the managerial solutions for developing employees’competence by combining both non-formaltraining and informal learning approaches. For thisparticular reason the theoretical model of developingemployees’ competence inside organization, which embracesthe managerial solutions for both non-formaland informal competence development and highlightstheir interrelatedness, is presented.

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