The Course-book “Management” Summary


  • Bronislovas Martinkus Kaunas University of Technology


Management has become the most important field of the white managerial science. There fore every new book is a considerable contribution to the science. The course - book by S.Stoškus and D.Beržinskienė has been favourably met by the academic community and those belonging to other organizations. The course-book presents a lot of theoretical and practical considerations. The preparation of the book has been based on the most recent research in the field of management. Moreover, the texts are substantiated by various graphical pictures. The authors’ considerations and conclusions are of no less importance. Every part of the course-book presents additional explanation of the terms used in that section while the end of each part is supplied with the questions dealing with the content of the material presented. The course-book meets the requirements of the structure of management course. However, some moments of managerial practice could be given a wider explanation (e.g., the determination of leadership concepts). In general, the course-book is a very important contribution to studies and research. The course - book was published by KTU “Technologija”, 2005, 266 p.

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