Data Management in Modern Organization: the Aspect of Project Designing


  • Jūratė Stankevičienė Šiaulių universitetas
  • Natalija Šedžiuvienė Šiaulių kolegija
  • Jolita Vveinhardt Šiaulių kolegija
  • Deimantė Mitkuvienė Kauno technologijos universitetas


Project – a new form of modern organization man-agement, that allows to distribute effectively the reserve forces of the organization and to use the potential is ana-lysed in the article. Successful organization is planning the projects that closely relates with information1 man-agement understood as project management. The proc-esses of the project organization can be arranged in five groups: initiative processes, planning processes, control processes, accomplishing processes. Project is always influenced by surroundings – the group that is perform-ing the project should understand this endless context while identifying the members of the project, organization influences, and common management skills. Modern technologies allow using huge amount of information, and the use of it in organization activity becomes increas-ingly valuable. Very important is not only the information novelty, but also the correct usage of it. When the work is performed in complex and in so quickly changing sur-roundings it is natural to solve the tasks and act using limited information that is why to get the complete amount of information is a problem. The organizations that perform in different business spheres and feel the competition, establish information services, and the effec-tiveness of the whole organization work depends on the effectiveness of these services. The task of such services is to collect information, systemise and analyse it. Infor-mation Management (IM) designing is understood as universal management inventory. The models of it can be designed for business and production management, com-merce, politics, culture, science and even the information activity itself. The concept of the information manage-ment is one of the current questions, that is in influenced by the novelty of the activity in this sphere, very quick theoretical and methodological change and integration into new problematic spheres. A successful organization should plan their activity including projects and informa-tion management. While making a project of information management there appears an activity that is understood as information management (IM) project management (IMPM). Many organizations have their own culture that 1 Information [lat. information – message, report] scientific, society, political, te-chnical knowledge is transferred from one person to another orally, in written form or with the help of the mass media resource (newspapers, radio, television, cinema, computer nets); the data, the entity of the knowledge about a certain topic; compa-ny's sector, that provides and explains the knowledge. shows inner value system, norms, believes that show pe-culiarities of the activity, communication with inferiors and other factors. Very often organization culture influ-ences projects. General management skills influence pro-ject management skills. Information management design-ing – is a multi-sided and quickly changing activity. Pro-ject should start from initiative process (from logical de-signing), concept and purpose should be thought over too. Modern organizations must change traditional man-agement into contemporary organization modes – pro-jects, which will create terms for information manage-ment project, wishing to introduce a new understanding of management, which will allow to solve many problems that can be hardly explained by modern management. The integration of systems in modern organization is relative, because the relations between activities are changing and different systems are made in different pe-riods of time. That is why according to the view of infor-mation managementthere exists the link between different systems that will control the transfer and receiving of the the information that needs to be connected and unified. That is why the link between different systems is needed to connect information streams that will provide the unified transfer and receiving of information.

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