Organizational Structure Forming Problems in Modern Industrial Enterprise


  • Anatolij Kubrak Kaliningrad State Technical University
  • Konstantin Koval Kaliningrad State Technical University
  • Valdas Kavaliauskas Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Algimantas Sakalas Kauno technologijos universitetas


Information technologies quickly develop in a knowl-edge society, the speed of the introduction of new knowl-edge also increases, so the modern enterprise seeking for the new management possibilities tries to use all these opportunities. In this process the forming of the human resources is very important in this process such is the development of the education system. Information trans-fer for the individual user is the inseparable part of the communication process inside the organization. For communication to be effective the organization has to dis-tribute the positions, competences, responsibilities and motivation that are determined by the organizational structure. The importance of organizational structures is de-clared by the scientists and practitioners of various coun-tries (Galbrait, 1994; Гвишиани, 2005, Soldatos., Hardy, 2004. Minzberg, 1984; Paliulis., Chlivickas, 1998), but only few of them have modern organizational structures. The organizational structure can be discussed from sev-eral points of view: as the initial base necessary for the formation of the structure and the necessary number of employees (this special aspect is stressed in this paper) and as the system ensuring the change of effective infor-mation. Severe competition requires the creation of mod-ern and present day changes corresponding organiza-tional management structures. Huge, bureaucratic, high hierarchy structures with long and insufficiently moti-vated chains of solution approval actually are unable to work good enough in the situation when quick changes take place in business. With the speed of the changes of global economy in mind it is important to know that the restructuring of organizations in accordance with the situation in the present day business environment can improve the situation only for a short time. The possible outcome can be only the constant adaptation of the or-ganizational structure to the changing internal and ex-ternal conditions.

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