Human Resources Management as Science and Studies at KTU Economics and Management Faculty


  • Algimantas Sakalas Kaunas University of Technology


management, personnel management, human resources management, development of human resources, career, competencies, training, improving professional skills.


This paper aims at summarizing the development ofhuman resources management (HRM) highlighting thecontribution of the researchers and teachers of KTUEconomics and Management Faculty (KTU EMF) into thedevelopment of this area of management. The paperdistinguishes the following main sections: • a short review of HRM science and studies inLithuania including the period of the firstindependence of the state, the Soviet period andthe period of the recent 18 years of independence; • development of research in the area of HRM atKTU EMF focusing on the formation process ofresearchers in this area, the main areas ofresearch and their importance for the Lithuanianeconomy. • The place of HRM studies within the Universitystudy program in reviewing both the training ofengineers in management and the managementstudies program for social sciences as well asimproving professional skills of workingspecialists. The conclusions and suggestions for the developmentof research and studies of HRM as well as for cooperationwith universities of EU and other universities world-wideare presented.

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