The Intelligent University’s Conceptual Model


  • Inga Staškevičiūtė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Bronius Neverauskas Kaunas University of Technology


non-profit organization, organizational intelligence, university, intelligent university.


Recently, when globalization processes becomeapparent and getting stronger, the distinction betweenorganizations’ groups become less noticeable, becauseorganizations involve more and more aspects of life but thesame principles are used for their management, irrespectiveof their preservation and juridical status. Existingperception, that management novelties and new ways ofmanagement are relevant not only for business organizations,but also for non-profit or public organizations, foster toanalyze and to go deep into demands of these organizationsand relations with external environment.Non-profit organizations can be discriminated consideringsuch resources as power, knowledge and skills, information,management nature, so their possibilities and readiness touse organizational intelligence also are different.The classification of non-profit organizations containsprivate and public sectors. The management transformationsof organizations in private sector are simpler with respectto minor legal regulation than the managementtransformations of organizations in public sector embittedby national reglamentation and far – gone traditions.One of the oldest non-profit organizations, whichrecently experience bigger and bigger pressure from theexternal environment, is university. Universities have tochange their point of view not only to relations betweenuniversity and society, but also to management thatindicates cultural changes inside the organizations.Traditionally, universities were not considered asorganizations. More likely, researchers referred to them aseither institutions, carrying out a prominent social role orcommunities, that is, “families” of people brought together,which were accepted for service in a certain social ceremony.Considering these peculiarities of universities, theviewpoint of society and exciting practice in dispute is anintelligent university. Universities have to find innovativemethods in order to survive and prosper in conditions ofglobal economy. The paradigm of organizational intelligenceseems very attractive in university’s management fromtheoretical point of view, however, deep rooted individualismand competition in university’s culture does not createconditions to transform into open and modern organizations.This article not only strives to answer the question ifuniversity can become intelligent, but also how theprocesses of intelligent university should look like.From the practical perspective, it ca be stated that firstof all university has to be eased from too overwhelmingnational regulations. Also, university should overcomepsychological breaking up into faculties, departments,laboratories and other administrative units and shoulddetermine spheres in which it would be able to concentrateits activity. An intelligent university should open toenvironment and to collaborate with business structuresand cooperate with society creating society of knowledgeand changing traditional management and administrationinto more modern and congruent to environment needsmanagement and administration.

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