Development of Marketing Science and Studies in Lithuania


  • Regina Virvilaitė Kaunas University of Technology


marketing, marketing conceptions, studies, research.


The article presents results of theoretical and empiricalstudies, carried out by scientists and researchers inDepartments of Marketing. Considering the analysis ofresearch works it could be stated that several problematicareas should be revealed as the majority of research workswere related with them. Results, related with theoreticaland empirical studies on consumer behaviour and brandmanagement, are presented in doctoral theses and scientificpublications. It has to be noted that the topics on marketingconceptions and e-business development have recentlybecome most discussed.The results of theoretical and empirical studies arereviewed in the article as well. The research related withthe definition and perception of marketing terminologycould be singled out as extremely significant and timely.Summarizing research works conducted by scientists ofMarketing Departments, it is important to indicate theirinput while performing various international projects.Theoretical introduction on marketing teaching, studyprogrammes and specialist training as well as organizationaland practical issues, discussed in research works ofthe scientists of Marketing Departments, are presented inthe article. Summarizing the development of marketingstudies it is revealed that scientists primarily attempted todevelop and publish scientific literature, intended for marketingstudies and qualification training in the Lithuanianlanguage. Conclusions, based on study results are presentedat the end of the article.

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