Information Society and Statistics


  • Stanislovas Algimantas Martišius Vilniaus universitetas
  • Mantas Martišius Vilniaus universitetas


information society, statistics, national accounts, statistical methodology, statistical research, consumer price index.


The article describes the impact of the information society on the development and practice of the theory of statistics and the formation of its methodology. The most outstanding achievements of the social research of the 20th century as well as the development of statistics itself are brought into prominence; the interface of the theory of economics and the practice of statistics is defined. The methodological provision that the theory of social sciences and methods of statistics have to be organically interwoven in the process of statistical research as well as in the process of the development of applied and theoretical social sciences has been substantiated. The idea that the research of the methodology of statistics in Lithuania must be developed has been put forward. It has been pointed out that modern Lithuanian society expects and demands a lot from the statistical institutions of the country, it is therefore necessary to develop regional statistical research and to create the statistics related to the activities of public organizations and private enterprise. The major part of the society has to perceive that the level of its statistical culture is not very high and is not quite in line with the standards of the democratic civic society that is why a lot has to be learned and developed.

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