Peculiarities of Competitive Advantage Development of Panevezys City Companies through the Elements of Marketing Culture


  • Daiva Zostautiene Kaunas University of Technology
  • Birute Daraskeviciute Kaunas University of Technology


competitive advantage, marketing culture, elements of marketing culture.


While seeking to survive and expand in the competitive market, many companies of Panevezys, search for the methods to improve their performance. Under difficult conditions the issue of survival becomes particularly important to companies. Numerous theories have been created for the analysis of competitiveness of companies searching for long lasting competitive advantage and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activity. Strengthening of competition often causes contradictions within companies. The success and profitability of a contemporary company depend on the changes of global environment, whereas new strategies, markets, competitors, technologies, management initiatives and changing requirements of the customers represent routine facts of operating in such environment. The future of companies is increasingly more chaotic and the issue of survival constantly hovers, however, after uniting employees for the common purpose, integrating information, processes and technologies, never-ending movement is obtained, which is oriented towards problem-solving, leading the companies to new business opportunities. All companies take part in social or economic exchanges and first and foremost they should, therefore, monitor the value orientations of the society and their changes, to pay due consideration to the effect of national culture to their activities and form the appropriate marketing culture for successful development of their business. The creation of marketing culture in the company can be good opportunity to strengthen competitive advantages as marketing culture is a very important feature of company’s (organization’s) culture due to which the companies provide higher value of goods to the customers and thus strengthen their position in the market most effectively and efficiently. It can be reached by developing close relationships with customers and suppliers as well as other market subjects paying big attention to the changes in the market and company‘s possibilities to use these changes better as competitors do. This study aimed at finding out, which elements shaping competitive advantage should be focused to by the companies operating in different spheres: production, services and sales, in order to survive in the market. Many managers of companies realize that it is rather difficult to survive and work profitably under market conditions. The market is not endless, and the competitors do not drowse away, either. The winners are those who acquire competitive advantages, employ the means and actions of marketing creatively. However, spontaneous and unfocused use thereof will not bring the expected success. A company which strives to survive and function in the market should assess its capabilities, i.e., whether it will manage to continue strengthening the customers’ trust and expanding its activities under constantly changing market conditions.

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