Brain Circulation: Theoretical Considerations


  • Rasa Daugeliene Kaunas University of Technology
  • Rita Marcinkeviciene Kaunas University of Technology


brain circulation, brain gain, brain drain, knowledge workers migration, brain circulation policies.


The migration of highly qualified persons is a natural phenomenon of this century which is called as knowledge society or knowledge economy era. There are many possibilities for people to study, work and live in any country of the world. Recently there was highlighted a new phenomenon of brain circulation in scientific works. Scientific researches theoretically attempt to describe the new tendencies of migration of highly skilled persons who are working in foreign country and then coming back to their motherland. It is important to stress that most scientists name this process as brain drain or brain gain. However, there is a gap in more detailed and specific explanation of this phenomenon. The authors call it as brain circulation. The research problem being solved in this article should be constructed: how to highlight the main theoretical features of brain circulation phenomenon in order to present hypothetical actions for stimulation of this phenomenon expression. The aim of the article was to highlight the theoretical features of brain circulation phenomenon and to suggest the hypothetical actions how to stimulate the brain circulation expression.

Author Biographies

Rasa Daugeliene, Kaunas University of Technology

Rita Marcinkeviciene, Kaunas University of Technology

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