Efficient Corporate Communication: Decisions in Crisis Management


  • Asta Valackiene Kaunas University of Technology


corporate communication, crisis planning, strategic management, plan of efficient crisis communication


Many business leaders agree that almost every company experiences crisis though many of them do not apply any actions to overcome it. Crisis problems are solved not in its primary stage and usually chaotic, without any strategic crisis situation or crisis management plans (Yair, Golenko-Ginzburg, Laslo, 2007; Bivainis, Tuncikiene, 2007; Ciegis, Gineitiene, 2008; Diskiene, Galiniene, Marcinskas, 2008; Kaplinski, 2008; Markovic, 2008). Even more difficult situation appears when company‘s employees as well as the internal and external environment have to be informed. Therefore it is necessary to represent the organization realistically (Tijunaitiene, Neverauskas, 2009; Deephouse, 2005), to train the specialists of knowledge management (Melnikas, 2005, 2008; Saee, 2005; Sakalas, Ciutiene, Neverauskas, 2006; Kumpikaite, 2007; Rees, 2008; Boguslauskas, Kvedaraviciene, 2008). breaking news in The situation does not become easier because of the negative attitude to crises (Klein, 1981; Rosenblatt, Sheaffer, 2002; Anikin, 2008; Virbickaite, 2009). Therefore crisis solution can bring positive consequences in company‘s change (Gummensson, 1991; Heath,1994; Sakalas, Savaneviciene 2003; Garskaite, Garskiene, 2005; Adekola, Korsakiene, Tvaronaviciene, 2008; Valackiene, 2009; Startine, Remeikiene, 2009). One of them is efficient communication and conflict management during a crisis period (Varey, White, 2000; Januleviciute, Bieleviciene, Dambrava, 2003; Steyn, 2003; Talef–Viia, Alas, 2009). The efficiency of communication process is confirmed by the worldwide models designed and applied in practice (Turney, 2004; Deephouse, Carter, 2005; Neville, Bell, Mengüc, 2005; Luecke, 2007). Worldwide management practice demonstrates the appearance of new management area – corporate communication. Global business confederations (European Confederation of PR and CERP) prepare recommendations of public relations in business environment, which are successfully applied in strategic planning, scientific – research institutes (Corporate Communication Institute , New Jersey, USA; BNFL Corporate Communication Research Unit, Salford, UK; MBA Corporate Communication Concentration New Jersey, USA; Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center, USA), where different business researches are done in the area of public relations. Scientific and practical discussions are published in the continual reviewed scientific journals (Theory, Culture, Society, USA; Evolution of Communication, Netherlands; European Journal of Communication, UK; Corporate Communications: An International Journal, UK). Universities in all over the world (Scotland University of Sterning; University of Alabama, USA; Viena Institute for Communications Management and other) prepare professionals according to the Corporate Communication Management program. Communication agencies, crisis management consulting teams, consulting and teaching services successfully work in Lithuania, too, which give wide spectrum of service in public relation area: corporate and marketing communication, strategy creation of crisis communication, government relation, public relation and crisis management problem solving. Corporate Communication is presented as a Strategic Management function, focusing nowadays challenges: the necessity to create confidence between internal and external audience of a company; to activate business forming responsible corporate culture (Goodman, 2006; Luecke, 2007;). In this context efficient Corporate Communication problems still remains relevant in social, economi and managerial aspects. The structure of the paper: y in the first part Corporate Communication concept has been based up emphasizing the importance of corporate communication in the management science structure; y in the second part the process of crisis planning and strategic management has been discussed; y in the third part practical recommendations have been defined – “Plan of Efficient Crisis Communication“.

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