Formatting Sport Organization Image as a Competitive Advantage Trying to Attract More Sponsors


  • Regina Virvilaite Kaunas University of Technology
  • Mantas Dilys Vilnius University, Kaunas Fakulty of Humanities


sport organization, image formatting, competitive advantage, sponsors.


Growing sport phenomenon as a branch ofbusinessstimulates to analyze sport industry participantsactivity, which is now dynamical and requires specificknowledge. In our days industry produces various sportproducts where competition is very big, that is why it isessential to analyze how sport organizations achievecompetitive advantage. One of the methods is imageformatting.The article consists of four parts. The first partformulates the problem, aim and objectives of the article.The aim of the article is to ascertain how a sportorganization image is formatted as a competitiveadvantage, trying to attract more sponsors.The aim is achieved with the help of the objectivesformulated that seek: 1) to analyze and to identify whatfactors to determine and strengthen sport organizationimage, 2) to explore whether a formatting sportorganization image is a competitive advantage and how it isformatting, 3) empirically verify whether a properlyformatted sport organization image to attracts moresponsors, 4) investigate how it should be sport organizationand sponsors images during cooperation, 5) to analyzetheoretically and define what is proper sport organizationimage and empirically verify whether three partiesconcerned: sport product consumer, sponsor and sportorganization itself identically identify formatted image.Research methodology used in the article is acomparison analysis of scientific literature, qualitativestructural interview, quantitative questionnaire surveymethods.In the second part there is done a scientific literatureanalysis and made theoretical studies of a formatting sportorganization image, trying to determine the particularity ofa sport organization image formatting and suggest atheoretical model version which could help to form acompetitive image, which by Ferrand and Pages (1999)create bigger value and helps to get a competitiveadvantage.In the third part there are described researches andresults which show what factors have influence on a sportorganization image and their importance. Resultsgeneralization and the comparison of scientific literatureanalysis are carried out.The fourth part of the article presents conclusions.

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