Contribution of ROI Methodology to Romanian Pharmaceutical Industry through E-learning to Improve Employees’ Performance


  • Petruta Blaga "Petru Maior" University of Tirgu Mures, Romania
  • Manuela Rozalia Gabor "Petru Maior" University of Tirgu Mures, Romania



e-learning, return of investment (ROI), pharmaceutical industry, Romania, feedback from trainees, job impact


The capability of organizations to accumulate and use new knowledge represents a critical factor to meet the new competitive standards. The need of adaptation to modifications of external environment hastens the pace of evolution and learning. The need to survive on the market requires the organizations an increasingly high learning pace. The new informational and communication technologies fasten the pace of change and increase the need of learning, that is subject to an increased information flow. This research aims to measure the impact of some initiatives within human resources on an organization, market leader within pharmaceutical field, namely measuring the efficiency of business education programs concerning human resources through e-learning. Under these circumstances, the carried-out research aims to put into practice the theoretical frame of ROI (Return on Investment) methodology of evaluating the business education programs concerning human resources in five stages, suggested by J. J. Phillips. The research validates theoretical data of the surveyed model and it is based on the analysis of the data gathering process within the ROI Methodology. This work shows only the evaluation stage of assimilating knowledge and competences and the evaluation stage of performance improvement on the job of participants following the e-learning training program. The research results have emphasized   a higher applicability in practice, on the job, as regards knowledge acquired by respondents following training, and a high efficiency of the e-learning training program, respectively.


Author Biographies

Petruta Blaga, "Petru Maior" University of Tirgu Mures, Romania

Professor, Management - Economy Department, Ph.D in Engineering, Ph. D. in Economics

Manuela Rozalia Gabor, "Petru Maior" University of Tirgu Mures, Romania

Assistant professor, Management - Economy Department, Ph.D. in Cybernetics and Economic Statistics

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