Interfunctional Coordination of Service Offering Provided by Manufacturers


  • Eva Tomaskova Masaryk University, The Faculty of Law
  • Lucie Kanovska Brno University Technology, The Faculty of Business and Management



Interfunctional coordination (IFC), market orientation, customer services, servitization, manufacturers of electrical equipment, manufactures of electronic components, Czech Republic.


The aim of the paper is to identify relationship between interfunctional coordination (IFC) and customer services. This is the first empirical research in this area. Electronic components manufactures and electric equipment manufacturers realized the research in the Czech Republic. Manufacturers comply with the Czech industry classification CZ-NACE 26 and CZ-NACE 27. The segments are extremely important for the Czech industry nowadays, especially because of many companies being subcontractors for the car industry and mechanical engineering. The questionnaire in the form of the Likert scale was prepared to gather information about customer services. The respondents were usually directors or managers, e.g. employees with high competence and knowledge of the customer services in this particular market. Total of 60 SME were included in the survey. The data were collected from February to November 2014. Spearman coefficient test was used to verify the relation between IFC and customer services. The main findings show: (1) Significant relationship exists between IFC and the development of new products and services according to customer needs; (2) Partly significant relationship exist between IFC and the quality of provided products and customer services in manufacturing; (3) No significant relationship exists between IFC and the special service offers for VIP customers.


Author Biographies

Eva Tomaskova, Masaryk University, The Faculty of Law

Department of Financial Law and Economics

Assistant Professor

Lucie Kanovska, Brno University Technology, The Faculty of Business and Management

Department of Management

Assistant Professor

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