Customer Solutions Management (CSM) Empirical Model based on European Machine Building Sector Experience


  • Vít Chlebovsky Vysoké učení technické v Brně



customer solutions, relationship marketing, product customization, market orientation, product management, machine building sector, solution management


There can be seen growing demand for customized solution offers prepared by companies on both B-2-B and B-2-C markets. While this approach is well developed in some B-2-B sectors it is not that often in majority of B-2-C markets. Rapid technology development within past years gives more and more possibilities to increase production flexibility in more and more production sectors. This will lead in increasing level of product customization shortly.

Purpose of this article is to introduce an empirical model of Customer Solutions Management that has been created based on long term experience in machine building sector within European Union. The experience is documented by qualitative case study research performed in five European companies involved in product supply chain within the machine building sector from component production through distribution to machine building. Selected companies represent range of sizes from large global corporation to micro business. The research was performed in period of years 2012 to 2015 by observations and in-depth interviews with all level managers in all researched companies. Prior to this qualitative research also a research through secondary data in publications was performed to analyze the sector in complexity. The research proves increasing demand for individualized product solutions from customers.

Results of the research were used to create empirical model of Customer Solutions Management business approach that can be of inspiration for many companies not only in B-2-B sector but more and more often also in B-2-C.



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