Criteria for the Evaluation of Public Relations Effectiveness


  • Lina Kazokiene Kaunas University of Technology
  • Jurgita Stravinskiene Kaunas University of Technology


public relations, effectiveness of public relations, effectiveness evaluation, effectiveness evaluation criteria


The article reveals the specifics of public relations'(PR) effectiveness evaluation while emphasizing its complex nature. Elements of PR effectiveness evaluation complex and their expediency are analyzed. After identifying the lack of clear corpus of the criteria for PR effectiveness evaluation, a research was carried out on the PR effectiveness evaluation in Lithuanian business companies. Quantitative and ąualitative researches expanded the cognizance of PR effectiveness evaluation and made it more accurate. Based on the results of the researches, clear and adaptable corpus of evaluation criteria was suggested that ensures the adeąuacy of projected PR effectiveness evaluation solutions to the situation in ąuestion. Through the study of direct experience, the list of criteria for all stages of PR effectiveness evaluation was expanded and an additional stage of interim evaluation was identified. Evaluation criteria were grouped in line with the consistency of PR effectiveness evaluation process, defined by input, implementation, interim evaluation and impact evaluation stages. Results of the researches are presented following the same order of seąuence. Criteria for the evaluation of PR objectives are suggested based on hierarchical levels of objectives, while distinguishing between evaluation criteria for tasks, target audiences and action plan. In PR implementation stage, the following criteria are presented: simplicity, informativeness, veracity, ethicality and novelty of communication message, purpose-centrality of information provided, attractiveness of the media and attractiveness of message presentation. When discussing the PR impact, criteria for the evaluation of different PR results - outputs, outtakes and outcomes - are presented. Moreover, the importance of relationship ąuality criterion was emphasized, allowing envisaging the implicit links between the PR decisions and the effectiveness of company's operations.

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