Entrepreneurial Orientation, Trust, Job Autonomy and Team Connectivity: Implications for Organizational Innovativeness


  • Nadežda Jankelová University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia




entrepreneurial orientation, organizational innovativeness, trust, job autonomy, team connectivity


Promoting and increasing organizational innovation is the key factor of company's competitiveness in the current turbulent conditions. The aim of the paper is to verify the hypothesis, whether the entrepreneurial orientation of business management is effectively related to the organizational innovation of companies and at the same time, whether this relationship is mediated by team connection, work autonomy and building trust between employees and business management. The research sample was 244 managers of medium and large companies in Slovakia. The tool for data collection was a questionnaire survey and the tool for examining the mechanism of functioning of the presumed relationships is mediation with the use of regression analyses and the Sobel test to determine the significance of the indirect effect of median variables. The established hypothesis was confirmed by the study . Full mediation was identified, where up to 88% of the total effect is realized by intermediary variables with a significant influence of building trust and job autonomy. Team connectivity has a negative effect in the indirect effect, which further increases the importance of the other two mediation variables in the mediated transmission. From the controlled variables, management practice was a significant variable. The dependence is positive, i.e., the higher practice of the manager is related to the higher values of the dependent variable organizational innovation.

Author Biography

Nadežda Jankelová, University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia

Nadežda Jankelová is a Professor at the University of Economics in Bratislava, at the Faculty of Business Management. In her research activities, she focuses on management in all spheres of economic life. More recently, she has focused on the topic of organizational behavior in relation to organizational and individual organizational outcomes. She has also worked on various aspects of normative and descriptive theories of decision making. She also addresses Industry 4.0 and the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on individual managerial functions.


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