A Cost-Benefit Approach for Analysing the Impact of eCall Technology on the EU Passenger Vehicles





eCall, road traffic safety, economic and social impact, aftermarket, cost benefit analysis, passenger vehicles


Increasing road traffic safety is a requirement for the growth and development of economies and society in general, and any endeavour contributing to an increase in the safety of road traffic participants must be evaluated and even encouraged, as there is no measurement for the value of human life. An important technological improvement that contributes to road traffic safety by reducing response time in case of an accident is the eCall In Vehicle System, which provides real-time data on-site, even without human intervention. The aim of the present study is to approach the introduction of the eCall In Vehicle System from a cost-benefit standpoint of equipping aftermarket passenger vehicles with this technology. To this end, we propose an analytic research approach in the form of a conclusive study on statistical data, in order to support decisions regarding future implementation.

Author Biographies

Daniela Zirra, Romanian-American University, Romania

Daniela Zirra has graduated The Faculty of Management of Bucharest University of Economic Studies in 1996. She holds an MA Degree in Management of Human Resources since 1997. She holds a PhD Degree in Economics since 2007 and a Certificate of post-doctoral studies in Economics from the National Institute of Economic Research, The Romanian Academy. She is Professor in Romanian-American University, teaching Investment Efficiency, Project Management, and Microeconomics. The research directions are in labour market, human resource development, and investment. She participated in 25 national and/or international research projects/grants, authored/co-authored many books and articles, in her areas of research.

Alexandra Perju-Mitran, Romanian-American University, Romania

Alexandra Perju-Mitran is a Lecturer in the Management-Marketing Department at the Romanian-American University, specializing in consumer behavior, digital marketing, and promotional techniques. She holds a PhD in Economics, Marketing, from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. She has been a guest lecturer at Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Finland (2019), Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain (2018), and Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, Poland (2013). Her research focuses on consumer behavior modelling, with emphasis on technology acceptance, entrepreneurial intent and ecological behavior.

George Căruţaşu, Romanian-American University, Romania

George Căruţaşu has graduated the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems Bucharest in 2001. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering (since 2005) and he is PhD Supervisor in Engineering and Management at Politehnica University Timişoara. Now, he is the Dean of Faculty of Computer Science for Business Management, Romanian-American University. His domains of work are cloud-computing, integrated management systems, project management, computer networks and collaborative platforms. He published more than 70 research papers, taking part of the research team for over 30 research contracts and being manager for six international or national research contracts.

Alexandru Pîrjan, Romanian-American University, Romania

Alexandru Pîrjan has graduated the Faculty of Computer Science for Business Management in 2005. He holds a BA Degree since 2005, an MA Degree in since 2007, a PhD Degree since 2012, in Computer Science for Business Management, and a Habilitation Degree in the field of Computer Science for Business Management since 2016. He is Professor at the Romanian-American University. Areas of research: artificial intelligence, parallel processing architectures, database applications and software quality management. He is author of articles, books and member in 10 scientific research projects. Work focuses on parallel processing architectures, parallel programming, database applications, software quality management.

Silvia Elena Cristache, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Silvia Cristache graduated the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics of Bucharest University of Economic Studies in 1990. She is Professor in University of Economics Study teaching Statistics and Econometrics. The research directions are in the following areas: surveys, data analysis in all fields that can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively (agriculture, services, culture, digitization, etc.). She participated at over 60 national and/or international research projects/grants, authored /co-authored many books and articles in her areas of research.

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