Organizational Capital and New Ventures' Early Internationalization. The Case of Polish IT/ICT Start-Ups




international entrepreneurship, early internationalization, start-ups, organizational culture, strategy, intellectual property


The paper evaluates the phenomenon of early internationalization from the resource-competence-based theory viewpoint. At the same time, the conclusions are based on primary research results conducted on 220 Polish start-ups. Our study only confirmed that the start-ups’ organizational culture, based on employees’ financial support in acquiring new knowledge, and the start-up’s planned international strategy play a crucial role in IT/ICT start-ups’ early internationalization. Our study primarily contributed to the scientific discussion of start-up organizational capital and its role in the process of early internationalization. In the managerial field, our research implication for practitioners is that they should primarily focus on creating the right conditions for their employees to develop knowledge, which can consequently strengthen strategy creation processes.

Author Biography

Krystian Bigos Bigos, Krakow University of Economics, Poland

Krystian Bigos is an Assistant Professor at Krakow University of Economics, Department of International Trade at the College of Economics, Finance and Law. His research interests include early and rapid internationalization, international start-ups and international entrepreneurship.

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