Sustainable Performance of China’s Education Sector through the Adoption of Eco-Innovation


  • Wensheng Chen Normal College, Ji Mei University, China



Sustainability, eco-innovation, business performance, management commitment, stakeholder pressure


The commitment of China toward sustainability has increased in recent times. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of eco-innovation on sustainable business performance within the educational sector of China.  The study developed a framework that focused on management concerns, environmental commitment, eco-innovation, and management environment concerns regarding the sustainable business performance of educational institutes in China. The study adopted a quantitative methodology and used questionnaires for the collection of data from the educational sector. The survey collected 350 questionnaires from employees within the China educational sector which were analyzed using SPSS and AMOS. The study has used confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling for data analysis. The results indicated that there was a positive impact on stakeholder and management concerns for the development of sustainability of educational institutions. The results also suggested that mediation of eco-innovation was significant for the management of environmental concerns and environmental commitment. The findings of this study present implications for the educational sector of China.

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