Green Innovation in Educational Institutes of China: Mediating Role of Green Value Co-Creation


  • Lanzhen Zhu School of International Education, Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College, China
  • Xin Wang School of Innovation Design, Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College, China



green dynamic capabilities, innovative finance green innovation strategy, green innovation, green value co-creation


The development of green dynamic capabilities in the educational sector of China is playing a great role for the institutes by offering green opportunities to teachers and students through which they can get inspired to accept the ecological administration to supplement the green reputation of the institute and thus gain a competitive advantage. The present study thus has been conducted to evaluate the effect of green dynamic capabilities, innovative finance and green innovation strategy on green innovation with the mediating role of green value co-creation. To further carry out the research, a quantitative-based survey methodology has been used to collect data from 350 China’s teachers who were teaching in various universities. The received complete questionnaires were 330 that were later analyzed using SPSS and AMOS. Results indicated that there is a significant relationship between GDC and GI. Innovative finance also significantly impacts green innovation. The green innovation strategy also significantly impacts green innovation. Mediation of green value co-creation was significant between GDC and GI, IF and GI and GIS and GI. In addition to a valuable enhancement in the growing body of literature, this study contributes by assisting the education sector to adopt such practices as defined in the paper. It may also contribute to helping the policymakers to develop policies that are related to green innovation. Furthermore, the paper explores the green financial aspect for organizations. So, this study has multiple theoretical and practical contributions.

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