Research on the Impact of AI Application on Capital Chain Resilience


  • Rensi Li School of Accounting, Tianjin University of Commerce, China



Artificial Intelligence, Capital Chain Resilience, Corporate Governance, Financial Efficiency, Resource Acquisition Capability


Unfavorable external factors such as COVID-19 and economy recession have affected the abilities of enterprises to continue operating. Among them, capital chain resilience has become a key issue for enterprises. In the new era, artificial intelligence (AI) technology can provide new solutions for avoiding the breakage of the capital chain. Using data from listed companies in China, we find that AI technology can improve capital chain resilience. The main impact mechanism is to reduce the level of corporate financial constraints and improve internal control efficiency, and when corporate governance efficiency and resource acquisition capability are lower, such as poor levels of executive supervision and incentive, governance, executive resource acquisition ability, financial statement tone, business and financing environment, the effect of AI technology on improving capital chain resilience is more obvious. We enrich the research on AI and capital chain resilience, provide references for enterprises to use AI technology to help enterprises obtain more funds, warn of risks, and make correct decisions quickly in a crisis to help enterprises survive the crisis smoothly.

Author Biography

Rensi Li, School of Accounting, Tianjin University of Commerce, China

Rensi Li has received the doctor’s degree from Central University of Finance & Economics in June 2016. She is a lecturer and is working in Tianjin University of Commerce. Her research interests are financial management and artificial intelligence.

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