Pastebėtina vadybos srities monografija


  • Juozas Ruževičius Vilniaus universitetas


In 2006 the publishing house ”Vilnius University Press” published the monograph “Ethics of Fostering Manager’s Personality” by prof. Gediminas Berzinskas. Although the monograph is assigned mainly to leaders and managers of organizations, it would be helpful to bachelor and master studies in colleges and universities. The monograph consists of introduction, thirteen chapters, author’s final thoughts, and five appendixes. There are 312 pages, 30 figures, 116 references, and 1 table in the monograph. The monograph deals with complicated issues of fundamental ethics and it’s implication in various fields of human activity. There are several notable innovations and entirely new notions, for instance aretonomy, elevatic, eupathy, ethicologue, aretothymic and so on. There - 95 - one could find ample chapter on stratification of society based on moral stages of human beings. The problem of man’s quality had been elucidated in the other chapter and three indices of this quality had been described. The more precise definitions of good, virtue, evil, and vice had been elaborated. These definitions helped to create almost new kind of ethics, namely – elevatic one. The other distinctive feature of the monograph is total orientation to personal development of the manager, the student and/or of rank and file reader. New ethical typology of persons had been offered in parallel with psychological and/or sociological typologies. Exemplary virtuous type of character had been prepared (it had been named as elevatic) and carefully grounded. There are three notable features of this character, namely – responsibleness, creativeness, and fortitude, bur overall orientation should be to superego, which consists of me ideal and conscience. The monograph “Ethics of Fostering Manager’s Personality” eventually might be helpful in education of new generation for country, and presumedly will help to improve the overall morale of the country. Yet there are such novelties in monograph which may not be receptive to everybody.

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