Technological Innovation in the Food Industry: A Bibliometric Analysis




bibliometric, innovation, process, product, technological innovation, food industry


Technological innovation is a matter of interest to governments, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and researchers due to its impact on competitiveness, which is why publications in this field have grown exponentially. To synthesize the main research topics and highlight possible lines for future research, this work aims to develop a bibliometric analysis of technological innovation in the field of the food industry, based on the review of 1015 papers published in specialized journals. The methodology consists of analyzing bibliometric indicators of quantity and quality using the VOSviewer and SCIMat tools. The results show recognition of the different lines in which the research has organized the debate, grouping them into 12 main themes positioned on a strategic map. Furthermore, this study presents directions for future research obtained from the analysis of existing gaps. This study contributes to the literature on innovation by providing a systematization of technological innovation in the food industry.

Author Biographies

Mauricio Castillo-Vergara, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile

Castillo-Vergara Mauricio: Ph.D. in economic and business Sciences. He is an associate professor at Alberto Hurtado University, received his Ph.D. degree from Polytechnic University of Cartagena of Spain. His leading research and chairs are Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity. He has published in national and international journals such as Innovation: Organization & Management, Journal of Business Research, Thinking Skills and Creativity, Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Technology & Innovation Management. He has taught and participated in various national and international presentations, seminars, and courses.

Issis Quispe-Fuentes, Universidad de La Serena, Chile

Quispe-Fuentes Issis: Ph.D. is a Professor at La Serena University Faculty of Engineering belongs to Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Science and Technology and is attached Food Engineering Department, University of La Serena (ULS). She received a Ph.D. degree in Food Engineering and Bioprocess from ULS in 2017 and has 10 years of experience in scientific work. She has participated in various research projects related to regional development and her research interests include Food technology and processes. She has specialized in food analytical chemistry, quantification, and extraction of bioactive compounds with biological properties.

Jacqueline Poblete, Universidad de La Serena, Chile

Jacqueline Poblete: Master´s Degree, she graduated from the La Serena University, and she is a Food engineer with a master's degree in food science. She is currently a doctoral student in Food and Bioprocess Engineering at the University of La Serena. Since 2017 she has served as a research assistant in the Department of Food Engineering at the University of La Serena and has participated in various external and internal research projects related to the instrumental analysis and determination of bioactive compounds. Her main research areas are the analysis of physicochemical, nutritional, and functional properties and the extraction of bioactive compounds.

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